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CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive approach to your renewable energy needs.  We've been installing and servicing all types of solar systems, whether solar power, solar hot water or solar pool heating.


Power Bill Rising? Let Us Help!

Call them solar electric panels or photovoltaic modules. Or even PV for short. Call them your new best friends. By converting energy from the sun into electrical power, they provide a clean, efficient and reliable energy source that’s as good for the planet as it is for the pocketbook.

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Let Us Put You in Hot Water!

Stop your energy dollars from going down the drain. Solar water heating converts sunshine into hot water to offset energy loads typically provided by expensive propane, natural gas or electricity. Now, that’s refreshing.  For more information click here.

Invite the Sun to Your Pool Party
We are Here for You...
                             after the Sale!
Maintenance & Repair & Re-Roof

Heating your pool with the power of the sun is a no-brainer. The sunshine is poolside each day anyway. You might as well put it to work – saving you big bucks in energy heating costs. Get the most out of your pool investment by extending your swimming season without straining your energy bill.

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It’s Service after the Sale that counts….if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will!  Routine maintenance will ensure that your systems provide consistent, reliable service for years to come. CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide maintenance and repair services on all types of solar powered systems, whether we installed them or not.

Products & Brands

CTES favors American-made products!


We use the highest quality solar components from the most reputable manufacturers in the world:

  • Solar Modules:  SolarWorld USA - LG Solar - Others as available

  • Inverters​:  SMA America  -  Enphase Energy  -  Fronius - Others as appropriate for application

  • Solar Thermal Systems:  Sunearth, Inc. - Heliodyne, Inc. - UMA Solar - Aquatherm - FafCo


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