​A properly designed solar systems starts with a detailed solar analysis - for that we need information about the consumption, useage pattern, location, service panel size, etc.  Only when we have the complete picture can we provide our clients with an accurate off-set and payback calculation.  Each location is different, each household/business is unique.  Therefore it is difficult to provide "average" cost figures by email or on the phone.



  •                                  We require a 12-months consumption history whenever available.  The information is available to you through your                                         online SDG&E account.  Click here for Step-by-Step instructions.


  • Meet prospective clients.  Review preliminary analysis and present solar components and discuss financing options.
    Set project parameters based on client priorities (off-set, payback, budget, etc.).


  • Perform site evaluation and shading analysis.  Verify roof space and condition, shading and electrical service size.  To be as accurate as possible we use the Solmetric SunEye® tool.    (This hand-held electronic tool assesses the available solar energy by day, month, and year with the press of a button by measuring the shading patterns of a particular site.)  

  • Adjust (if needed) and present final solar analysis and estimate.

  • Sign contract, collect deposit/make financing arrangements.


  • Finalize system design & prepare permit documentation.

  • Obtain building permit (1-14 days, depending upon AHJ and project scope).

  • Order equipment.

  • Submit netmetering agreement application to utility - "Fast Track" whenever possible.


  • Post building permit at service entrance.

  • Receive components on job site.

  • Install system components. (up to 3 days, depending upon system size and location).


  • Call for inspection / Inspector to notify utility  upon successful inspection

  • Utility to inspect (depending upon utility 5-20 days after inspector sign off) - not needed with "Fast Track" application. Fast Track application is not available for all projects.

  • Utility to issue PTO (depending upon utility 3-20 days after inspection)

​​STEP 7

  • Commission system

  • Install/activate monitoring system

  • Provide homeowner with manual binder and warranty cards.

Solar Process

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