Solar Power

Why Buy Solar?  -  Just a few reasons:

Saves Money NOW 

  • Dramatically lower electricity bills— experience a 75% decrease up to the complete elimination - from Day 1

Protects Against Rising Energy Cost 

  • Electricity costs are on the rise, increasing more than 21% during the past five years.

  • Rates spiked 12% in 2013 alone.

  • With solar, you effectively lock in electrical costs and avoid escalating utility expenses.

Increases Your Home's Value

  • Studies show that solar systems can increase your home value by 20 times the annual electricity savings.  In addition, homes with solar systems tend to sell faster than homes without solar- 15% faster by some studies

Solar is Affordable

  • Cost of solar electric components have dropped so significantly.  Most systems have a payback of 4-5 years!

  • A 30% Investment Tax Credit is available for your solar energy system.

Excellent investment

  • Experience better returns than many long-term investments, with 200%-plus ROI over 25 years. Compare this to a five-year CD (average yearly return of 1.5%) or even the S&P 500 (average yearly return of 11%). 

Solar Lease - What is it?
  • A "Solar Lease" is when a leasing company owns the solar energy equipment (usually the leasing company) and gets the tax credit - and you pay a monthly payment to lease it for the lease term of 15 or 20 years. These lease payments may be wholly or partially balanced by lower electric utility bills.  But this situation can change due to annual increases, and over time lease payments can be more than the utility bill savings, costing you more money.

  • A Lease is not an "investment" -- with a lease you do not have ownership of the solar assets = NO TAX CREDIT!!!

  • A solar lease is a financial commitment to a long stream of lease payments. For this reason a lease does not add value to your property (property appreciation), and may actually reduce property value and/or be a hindrance when trying to sell your home.

PPA - What is it?
  • A "PPA" is a "Power Purchase Agreement" and differs from a lease only in that you "agree to purchase the power" produced by the solar system as opposed to a monthly lease payment.

  • All points mentioned with regard to a lease are valid for the PPA as well.

  • Should your electrical consumption decrease for any reason, you are stuck paying for the produced kWh - whether you need them or  not!

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