Fuel Cells

How It Works


A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the air to produce electricity, heat and water.

Fuel cells operate without combustion, so they are virtually pollution free. Since the fuel is converted directly to electricity, a fuel cell can operate at much higher efficiencies than internal combustion engines, extracting more electricity from the same amount of fuel.

Stationary fuel cells, like PureCell systems by ClearEdge Power, Inc., fit a broad range of facility types and provide customers with improved energy security, increased operational reliability, greater energy efficiency and more environmentally responsible/sustainable operations.

40 kW DC Fuel Cell System at the Historic Lafayette Hotel on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego. December 2011.

Fuel Cell Applications

PureCell systems meet the energy demands of a broad range of facilities. Because they provide electricity and heat around the clock, they are well suited for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings with 24/7 electrical and thermal requirements. Fuel cells may be used in your facility depending on:


  • Facility size

  • Baseload power and heat requirements

  • Geographic location

  • Cost of electricity vs natural gas

  • Availability of pipeline natural gas and

  • Adequate physical space to site a fuel cell(s)

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