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SunPump SCP
  • SunPumps manufactures a variety of DC powered centrifugal surface pumps. Among the most popular are the SCP series pool pumps. They will replace almost any AC powered pool pump and because they get their power from the sun, you will save on your power bill. They are available from 1/2 to 1 1/2 horse power and operate on 100 to 1500 watts of DC power. 

  • SunPumps SCP series pool pumps are equipped with heavy duty permanent magnet, DC motors with long-life brushes. The motors are close-coupled to the pump end thus eliminating the need for base plates, belts and pulleys. 

  • The SCP series pumps are single stage centrifugal type constructed from high performance thermoplastic. They are extremely resistant to mineral and algae deposits while providing outstanding strength and durability. For added protection, a basket strainer is incorporated into the suction side of the pump. Simplicity is a key feature of the SCP series pumps.  They are simple to install and field servicing is easily accomplished without the use of specialized tools. 

SunPumps SCP series pumps can not only be used for pool water filtration, but for fountains, water features, pond aeration, circulating water for aqua culture or to irrigate small farms. They were designed for use as a stand-alone water delivery system. They are pollution-free, corrosion free, self-lubricating and quiet. There is no better way to provide water for remote homes, villages, small farms as well as many other needs beyond commercial grid power. SunPumps trademark high-quality manufacturing make the SCP series pumps the ultimate in DC powered pool pumps. 


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Sun-Mar Self-Contained Composting Toilet "Excel"



  • water free

  • quick & easy to install

  • easy to winterize


The Excel is the best-selling unit in North America and for good reason. It is a high capacity Bio-drum toilet that is very simple to operate, features well proven technology and is extremely reliable. The Excel was the first ever self-contained composting toilet to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). So, when you purchase an Excel, you are literally purchasing a composting toilet that sets the standard.  

The Excel has enough capacity that it can be used just about anywhere; in residences, cottages and even in light commercial applications.  To simulate residential use the Excel was tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) at maximum capacity for 6 continuous months, during which the Excel produced no odour and produced a clean, safe compost. Only Sun-Mar self-contained units are listed for residential and cottage use by NSF, whose Standard #41 is the toughest composting performance standard in the world. 


The 2" vent is attached at the top back of the Excel and can be installed invisibly by running it through the wall and up the outside wall.  For comfort the Excel has a sturdy detachable footrest which can be removed to pull out the finishing drawer. In normal use the Excel can normally evaporate all liquids, however a ½" emergency drain is fitted at the rear and this should be connected if the unit is to be used residentially or heavily, or if prolonged power outages are expected.

​Item not on display at our location.  Buyer responsible for adherence to building codes.  Installation not available.

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  • economical because they are one piece systems

  • electrical units can normally evaporate all liquids

  • easy to clean having a durable shiny finish

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