01/31/2017 - WARNING!

It has come to our attention, that a company identifying itself as "CleanTech Solar Singapore" or "CleanTech Solar Thailand" claims to be affiliated with us and is running job ads for managers for a new branch location on the East Coast. 

​​This entity is not affiliated or in any way associated with CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. in Oceanside, CA.

This could to be a scam to obtain personal and banking information from those seeking employment.



SDG&E territory now under NEM 2.0 net metering rules! Changes are not as drastic as initially proposed by utility!  Solar customers will continue to receive retail credit for kWh - at least through 2019.  What's changed:

  • There is one-time interconnection fee. (SDG&E - $132).

  • Residential net-metering (NEM) projects go on TOU Rate.  TOU rates charge different prices during different times of the day in an effort to better match real-time costs of generating and transmitting energy across the grid. For SDG&E customers, the current tiered rate will apply for a period of 5 years as SDG&E awaits the implementation of its TOU rate.

  • Non-Bypassable Charges apply to NEM Customers.  Non-bypassable charges (NBCs) are charges that all customers have to pay, and they are used to fund public purpose programs, competition transition charges, nuclear decommissioning and Department of Water Resource bond charges. Historically, NEM customers have only paid for NBCs over the course of a year to the extent they consumed more electricity from the grid than their solar systems produced. The final decision requires that NEM successor customers pay for NBCs on all energy they consume from the grid, regardless of the amount of energy they have exported to the grid.  CalSEIA estimated that NBCs would have the following cents-per-kilowatt-hour-cost for NEM customers on power they consumed from the grid:

       SDG&E - residential $0.02/commercial up to $0.024/agricultural up

                       to $0.022

       PG&E - residential/commercial/agricultural up to $0.023

       SCE - residential $0.022/commercial up to $0.019/agricultural up

                 to $0.017


04/2015 - Increase of CSI Thermal rebate for households with natural gas!  Our latest residential solar water heating system qualified for a  $3,522 rebate!



04/15/2014 - The County of San Diego has selected multiple providers to offer financing as part of the newly approved Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The new program is designed to make energy- and water- efficiency upgrades affordable. Residential and commercial property owners can lower their utility bills and increase their property values with financing that attaches to their property tax bill.

Residential:     www.heroprogram.com

Commercial:   www.figtreefinancial.com 



09/2013 Rates

Historically, energy costs have increased 7% on average each year.   In September 2013 SDG&E customers faced a 12% - +30% increase:

Many news reports over the past several months stated that average utility prices will rise about 12.2%.----> BUT information on SDG&E website suggests that some rate increases may exceed 30%!  For example, if you are

  • INLAND and use an average of 800 kWh/month, your bill is estimated to increase from $190 to $238 - that is 26%!

  • INLAND and use an average of 1300 kWh/month, your bill is estimated to increse from $337 to $448 - that is 33%!

  • COASTAL  and use an average of 600 kWh/month, your bill is estimated to increse from $141 to $171 - that is 22%!

  • COASTAL and use an average of 800 kWh/month, your bill is estimated to increse from $200 to $255 - that is 28%!

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